The purpose of GWHA is to promote the ownership, exhibition and breeding of gaited horses with a specific emphasis on the Tennessee Walking Horse.  Included in that charter is an emphasis on education and training concerning the care and humane training and treatment of gaited horses. GWHA is a humane organization and as such will support only such venues and programs that deal exclusively with conventionally shod flat shod horses, regardless of breed, and will not endorse any program whose activities support the exhibition of horses shown wearing pads and chains as action devices or using a shoe band to allow for the application of heavy flat shoes.

GWHA was incorporated in 2001 by individuals who helped to develop the Gaitway Classic, the first FOSH-sanctioned show in St. Louis. The club has gone on to sanction FOSH shows every year since then, including hosting the 2003 IJA judge’s clinic and the 2005 & 2011 North American Pleasure Walking Horse Championships, both held at the National Equestrian Center in Lake St. Louis. The club also started its own fun show series in 2005 as well as a benefit show for a Troy, MO, animal rescue. The club has also put on benefit shows for the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch (Humane Society) which is located in Union, MO.

The series will continue in 2019 with help from the Missouri Trail Riders (MTR). In 2019, the MHSA (Missouri Horse Show Association) will have 7 pointed classes in the lineup. The GWHA sponsored Missouri Trail Riders shows will be held at the MTR Arena just outside of Winfield, MO on Hwy 47.

Owners of any breed of horse are welcome to join our club to help support our goal of promoting sound gaited horses. The shows in 2018 will include classes for non-gaited breeds (English, Western, and Pony pleasure), open gaited breed (OGB) classes, speed classes, and Ranch Horse classes. In addition, in 2014, we added a Therapeutic Horsemanship class. Our FOSH-sanctioned shows have included TWH classes, SSH classes, MFT classes, and OGB classes for many years.